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Writing Philosophy

A Brief Guide to Writing Philosophy Papers

Writing in Philosophy

Purdue OWL   (writing help)


Linking to Philosophy

Voice of the Shuttle -- Philosophy

Philosophical Resources

Episteme Links

Guide to Philosophy on the Internet

The Value of Knowledge

Useful Philosophy Links

Radical Academy  


Ancient Philosophy:   History for Kids

History of Philosophy Timeline


Laughing at (and with) Philosophy

Philosophy Cartoons

Puzzles Page     Philosophy and Reasoning Network

Philosopher Jokes

Games and Interactive Activities   The Philosophers' Magazine

Jean-Paul Sartre's Cookbook


Reading Thoughtfully

Squashed Philosophers

Alain de Botton & Philosophy as a Guide to Happiness  

The Philosophers' Magazine

...Readablebits...   (in hiatus but still worth a look)

Arts and Letters Daily

Sun Magazine   

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly      and here

Galileo's Battle for the Heavens



Looking for Philosophy in the News

Science cannot provide all the answers

'The trees were a deeper green than I imagined, and so tall'

The Ideas Interview:  Ray Kurzweil


Hither and Yon

PHIL 1115 Course Page and Weblog    

Nipissing's Philosophy Department

Unofficial Humanities Page

Nipissing University



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