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Anthropology in the News    

Mesopotamia reigns again at the Oriental Institute        The Chicago Tribune

The Iceman's Last Meal   Nova Television

Death of the Iceman    BBC

Mummy Hair Reveals Drinking Habits

Sagalassos: City in the Cloud    Interactive Dig

Applying science to archaeology

Einkorn makes its debut

Genetics & Genealogy: Article #8 The Great DNA Hunt                 Archaeological Institute of America

Neanderthal Life no Tougher than Modern Inuit's       Ohio State University

DNA analysis is rapidly transforming the study of our ancient ancestors - with surprising results, writes Deborah Smith.

First Wine? Archaeologist Traces Drink to Stone Age   National Geographic

Black Sea Trip Yields No Flood Conclusions    ABC News

Ice Age 'Sistine Chapel' Found     By Jennifer Viegas, Discovery News

Israeli Site reveals ancient use of grains     The Washington Post

Archaeologists claim Essenes never wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls    Haaretz



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Last Updated: September 24, 2004