PHIL2505 Reading Assignments and Lecture Overheads

(updates for 2007 / 2008 coming slowly.  Look for the 2k7...)

The overheads...

are provided as a courtesy to the students of PHIL2505 and are not intended as a substitute for class attendance.   You can use them to check your class notes and fill in the thin spots.   Keep in mind that these notes are provided as a courtesy and I may not always have time or inclination to provide them.   Don't assume that you can skip class and catch up here.   (Note:  there may be small anomalies in the content -- again, remember that this is a courtesy.)

The assigned readings...

are for class discussions in the weeks noted.   This page will be added to on an irregular basis but you should check by Thursday for possible readings for the following week.  All the readings should be read before the class for which they are listed.  Note any related exercises.  Reading quizzes will occasionally be given in class to encourage keeping up.  And note that these readings are in addition to the textbook chapters listed in the syllabus.

The do-at-home exercises...

need to be typed or computer printed and handed in on the assigned due dates.

Term 1

Lecture 1   [Overheads]

Lecture 2   [Overheads]

Lecture 3   [Overheads]   Changed ever so slightly for 2k7

                  Textbook  Chapter 1

Lecture 4   [Overheads]

                  Textbook  Chapter 2

                  Handout:    Intelligent Design Debate snippets  2k7   (Print these out and annotate them for class discussion.)


Lecture 5   [Overheads]   2k7

                  Textbook   Chapters 3 and 4

Lecture 6   [Overheads2k7
                  Textbook  Chapter 5

                  Required:  George Orwell:  Politics and the English Language (1946)   (Please print, annotate and bring to class)


Lecture 7   [Overheads2k7
                  Textbook  Chapter 6

                  Suggested: Fallacies of Relevance        Philosophy Pages


Lecture 8   TEST 1


Lecture 9   [Overheads2k7

                  Suggested:     University Hate Speech Codes

                  Suggested:     The Emperor's New Clothes  

                  Suggested:    Groupthink      Wikipedia
                   Suggested:    Milgram's Experiment   Wikipedia

                   Suggested:    Mass psychogenic illness      
                   Suggested:    McCarthyism   (not currently responding)

                   Suggested     Scents and Senselessness

Lecture 10   The movie:   1984     IMDb 2k7
                  Recommended:     1984     Wikipedia

                    Suggested:    1984     The complete novel online

                    Suggested:    1984     Summaries and interpretations

                    Suggested:    Big Brother   A website devoted to watching Big Brother


Lecture 11 [Propaganda Notes]     


Lecture 12 [Word Doc]

                   Recommended:    Propaganda

                                              Propaganda Wikipedia (particularly the techniques 2/3 of the way down...)


Term 2


Lecture 13   12 Angry Men Handout     2k7

                   Exercise due next week....

Lecture 14  Overheads     2k7

                    Recommended:  Argumentation / persuasion:  Logic in argumentative writing

                    Recommended:  Paradigm Online Writing Assistant:  Argumentative essays

                    Recommended: Colorado State University:  Arguments

                    ***Exercise due this week....


Lecture 15 Textbook Chapter 7

                  Notes for lectures 15 and 16   2k7  Warning:  this document is quite long....check your paper  supply....

Lecture 16 Textbook Chapter 7 (cont'd) 2k7

                 Recommended:   Crunchy Apple Venn Diagram Game


Lecture 17   Chapter 8 (pages 205 to 218 only)  2k7

                    Overheads lec 17  

                    Enthymemes     Wikipedia

                    Tips about Categorical Propositions  

                    Recommended:  Logic and Writing (and enthymemes)

Recommended:   Analyzing Argument  (Rhetorica)


Lecture 18 [Test 2 Short]    TEST 2


Lecture 19 Inherit the Wind   (movie 1999 IMDb)  2k7

                 Scopes Trial Home Page  University of Missouri-Kansas City Law School

                 Cartoons Scopes Trial 1

                 Cartoons Scopes Trial 2

                 Reflections forty years later   John Scopes


Lecture 20 Inductive Reasoning and generalization   Overheads Lec 20   2k7   (not entirely complete...)


Lecture 21 Statistical Arguments     Chapter 11       (Class Cancelled)


Lecture 22 Causal Arguments    Chapter 13       (Class Cancelled)

             Easter Monday      No Class

Lecture 23 Sophistries and Pseudoscience   (Extra-credit presentations...)


Lecture 24 Tying up the Loose Ends     (What the final exam will look like...)