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March 13th:     

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There will be no coursepack this year (2007 / 2008) as more and more of the readings are available online.  There will, however, be some library reserve readings and required readings here will be marked by asterisks (**).  This page is not yet finished.   Look for the 2k7.    Soon...Soon...

General links about mythology and the Ancient Near East

Exploring Ancient World Cultures     University of Evansville

The Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature  University of Oxford

The Holy Bible   King James Version   (Bartleby)

The Skeptic's Annotated Bible

Archaeology Magazine

KMT: A Modern Journal of Ancient Egypt

Map of Ancient Near Eastern Archaeological Sites

The Oriental Institute Museum  (Chicago)

Abzu: The Oriental Institute's guide to the study of the Ancient Near East

Archaeology Links of Professor Wm. Clay Poe

The History of Herodotus  translated by George Rawlinson  (Internet Classics Archive)

Rutgers University Virtual Religion Links

A New Sense of the Sacred:   Carl Sagan's Cosmic Connection   by Anne Druyan

Biblical Archaeology Society

Odyssey  (an ancient history site primarily intended for young people, but worth a look for us as well)

Metropolitan Museum of Art     Timeline of Art History

Internet Ancient History Sourcebook

Diotima  Materials for the Study of Women and Gender in the Ancient World   

Encyclopedia Mythica


Readings marked ** are required.   Everything else is highly recommended.   

Some additional readings may be added closer to the day of the lecture.  Look for the 2k7


Lec 1  Introductions and Focus

Overheads    2k7 

**Ancient History    Wikipedia

**Why Study Ancient World Cultures?     Bill Hemminger    EAWC


Lec 2  Digging up the Past

The Rosetta Stone The British Museum

**Jean-Francois Champollion    KMT Magazine  Giants of Egyptology

Mummies in the Niagara Falls Museum and Here

Quick little story about Napoleon in Egypt

Howard Carter's Diary part 1  Oct. 28 to Dec. 31, 1922

Howard Carter and the Curse of the Mummy    the Unmuseum
Kent Weeks and the Tombs of Ramses II's Sons

Q& A with Professor Kent Weeks     Discovery Channel
Theban Mapping Project

**Ozymandias    Percy Bysshe Shelley

**The Behistun Inscription

Assurbanipal as a Bilbiomaniac

Assurbanipal's Library Web Page

**Herodotus on Babylon        (Paragraphs 178 to 183)

Woolley and the Great Flood     McClung Museum
**Archaeology       Wikipedia

**What is Archaeology?


Lec 3  Background to Ancient History


**Carl Sagan's Cosmic Calendar:  Read the introduction and the timelines (click on the arrow marked 'search inside' and read through the pages).    The timelines themselves are also here and here .

**Human Evolution     BBC Science and Nature 
Hominid Species Timeline

Neandertals:  a Cyber Perspective
Neanderthals on Trial      PBS Television

The Cave of Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc

Virtual tour of Vallon-Pont d'Arc   Harcourt

The Neolithic site of Çatalhöyük

Interactive 3D images of Çatalhöyük   University of Minnesota

A student's Neolithic Revolution site

God is Alive, Magic is Afoot...     (Leonard Cohen and Buffy Saint Marie)


Lecture 4  Early Mesopotamia: Sumer


**Reforms of Urukagina
**Sargon the Great

**Sargon of Akkad   Wikipedia

**Enheduanna     Wikipedia

**Enheduanna's Hymn to the Goddess Inanna

Inanna, From the Myths of Ancient Sumer   (look inside the book)  

**A Praise Poem of Shulgi  

**A Lullaby for a Son of Šhulgi  

**Mesopotamia Timeline

Marsh Arabs -- Inheritors of ancient Sumerian culture?  


Lecture 5  Religious and Intellectual Outlook in Sumer


**The Debate between Winter and Summer
**Lament for Ur
**Shamash Hymn

**Creation of the Pickaxe
Mesopotamia Resources

**Mesopotamia:   The Sumerians

Sumerian Beer (Including a link to the Hymn to Ninkasi)  by Professor Miguel Civil

The Anchor Brewing Comany's Sumerian Beer Project

An article on Sumerian Beer   by Solomon Katz and Fritz Maytag from Archaeology Magazine (June/July 1991)

Ziggurat of Ur      Iraq Heritage Program

Lecture 6  Later Mesopotamia:  Babylon and Assyria

Overheads     2k7 (with final addition)

**The Seige of Lachish   (slide show)
**Hammurabi selections for class

Iraq and the Bible

Ur in the Age of Hammurabi

**Hammurabi's Code of Laws    EAWC   (read the introduction and have a little browse...)

Stolen Stones:  The Modern Sack of Nineveh

Chronology of the Middle East     (5,000--300 BCE)

Ruben's painting of the Destruction of Sennacherib  

Lord Byron's Poem:   The Destruction of Sennacherib

**Theories of Imperialism

Imperialism    The Columbia Encyclopedia


Lecture 7  Egypt

Overheads    2k7  (cosmetic changes only (in case you've already printed...))      

Pyramids:  The Inside Story    Nova Online

Chronology of Ancient Egypt    (doesn't seem to be working) 

**Ancient Egypt Timeline

Saving the Egyptian Antiquities of Luxor    University of Missouri

Mysteries of Egypt    Canadian Museum of Civilization

**Akhenaten and the Hymn to the Aten

**Psalm 104   (for comparison to the Hymn to the Aten)

The History of Ancient Egypt      (recommended:  a wealth of information arranged in short articles)

Ancient History:  Egyptians     BBC

**The Private Lives of the Pyramid Builders (8 pages)  BBC

**Health Hazards and Cures of Ancient Egypt    BBC
Childbirth and Children in Ancient Egypt   

Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt     BBC

The Decipherment of Hieroglyphs   BBC    

Egyptian Art in the Age of the Pharaohs   Metropolitan Museum of Art  (read the introduction and subpages)

**Mummies: Death and the Afterlife in Ancient Egypt    Bowers Museum  (click through the exhibit)

World History Compass    Ancient Egypt Links

Amarna 3D

Akhenaten City PLC
Ancient Egyptian Mathematics   
Duke University Papyrus Archive

**The Papyrus of Ani     The Egyptian Book of the Dead   (read selections to gain some familiarity)

**Illustrations and explanation of the Papyrus of Ani    

**The Papyrus of Ipuwer  


Lecture 8  Israel and Hebrew Monotheism

Overheads     2k7   

An Anthropologist looks at the Judeo-Christian Scriptures

Catholic Encyclopedia:  Monotheism

**The Babylonian Captivity     Wikipedia

**Archaeology and the Bible   Finkelstein and Silberman

Israel's Archaeological Treasures    Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Canaan and Ancient Israel   University of Pennsylvania Museum

The Cyrus Cylinder  

The Semitic Museum at Harvard University

Why Dig Megiddo?


Lecture 9   India and China  

Overheads   2k7 

Ancient India    The British Museum

**India and China    The Student's Friend (meant for a younger crowd perhaps, but still worthwhile)

**A Walk Through Mohenjo-Daro  

Around The Indus in 90 Slides  

The Ancient Indus Valley

Ancient India Chronology

Mark Felten's Harappa Pages

Religious Thought in Ancient India

The Life of Buddha   A lecture by Karen Armstrong

The Illustrated Life of the Buddha 

The Life of Gotama Buddha  from The Teaching of Buddha:  The Buddhist Bible

The Life of Buddha in Legend and Art    (a popularization, but entertaining)    

Hymns from the Rig Veda

China:  Exploring Ancient World Cultures  (Evansville)

**Lao Tzu:  The Tao Te Ching     

The Tao Te Ching   Introduction and Translation

Art and Images of China    (oracle bones and terra cotta army etc.)

Rising to Life  The Terra Cotta Army   National Geographic

The Anyang Project

The China Experience:  The China Culture Index

Ancient India and China  

Lecture 10   Persia and Zoroastrianism


**Zoroastrianism   Wikipedia

Zoroastrianism:  A modern interpretation    

**Cyrus the Great     Wikipedia

Persepolis and Ancient Iran    U of Chicago's Oriental Institute

Persepolis 3D  


Lecture 11  The Bible and the Ancient Near East


**Who wrote the Bible    The Straight Dope

Documentary Hypothesis     Wikipedia

**Documentary Hypothesis       Religious

**What is the Documentary Theory?

**Authors of the Book of Genesis     Introduction and chapters 1 and 2 of Genesis


Lecture 12  Midterm

Midterm Review:  helpful overviews

Overview, Basic Concepts, Prehistory

Ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt   

Middle Eastern Timeline    


Lecture 13  Comparative Mythology    Types of Myth

Overheads     2k7        (only the date and label have changed, so don't print a second time)

**What is myth?...asking Google
**The DNA of Fairy Tales: Their Origin and Meaning

Mythology    Wikipedia

World Myths and Legends in Art    


Lecture 14  Creation

Overheads     (not quite complete and somewhat out of time)

**Ptah of Memphis and the Memphite Theology

Egyptian mythology

**Enuma Elish    The Epic of Creation      click here for a useful synopsis

**The Bible   Genesis    Chapters 1, 2, and 3

The Hebrew Creation Narrative   Genesis 1-3

**What does a creation myth do?


Lecture 15     The Flood


**The Bible   Genesis    Chapters 6,7, and 8

Ovid's Metamorphoses   Book 1  The Deluge

The Truth Behind Noah's Flood      PBS

Ryan and Pitman's Theory    The Earth Institute at Columbia University

A Possible Source for the Stories of Noah's Flood

A Christian interpretation of the Flood

The Smithsonian's Statement on the historicity of the Biblical Flood

Evidence for a Flood    Smithsonian Magazine April 2000

Comparison of Two Flood Stories


Lecture 16  The Birth of the Hero


Infancy Gospel of Pseudo-Matthew    The Gnostic Society Library

**Joseph Campbell    Wikipedia

Joseph Campbell Foundation  

Joseph Campbell and Star Wars   

Myth Perceptions   Joseph Campbell's Power of Deceit      (one Christian View) (not currently working)


Lecture 17  Death and the Afterlife

**Inanna's Descent (edited and condensed)

The Descent of Inanna   Translation by Wolkstein and Kramer

Gilgamesh, Enkidu and the Nether World 

The Osiris Legend and the Precession    for the mathies

The Legend of Osiris    A charming modern retelling

When it Rained in Egypt     (just for fun)

Osiris 2,000 BC -- a dying, resurrected savior    (a comparison between Osiris and Jesus)

The Book of Daniel      KJV

The Book of Daniel    Wikipedia

The Book of Daniel     The Columbia Encyclopedia


Lectures 18 and 19   Gilgamesh


** One of the following three translations is required reading. The Danny Jackson is preferred, but if you have trouble, read one of the others.

*The Danny Jackson Gilgamesh on line  This isn't complete....

*Gilgamesh translation of the Standard Akkadian Edition (with some older interpolations)

*Gilgamesh translated by Maureen Kovacs   (doesn't seem to be working at the moment)

Gilgamesh:  the world's oldest story -- and astronomical textbook

Gilgamesh Summary

**Storytelling, the meaning of life and Gilgamesh

**Professor Steve Muhlberger's introduction to Gilgamesh

Gilgamesh: a musical interpretation by Tony Garone

BBC News: Gilgamesh tomb believed found

Another class's links and notes on Gilgamesh

Gilgamesh: a spiritual biography

Sparknotes   Guide to Gilgamesh

Gilgamesh Study Guide   (courtesy of an English class)

Other Gilgamesh texts


Lecture 20   Job and Wisdom Literature


**The Book of Job     Holy Bible  King James Version

Blake's Illustrations for the Book of Job      (down at the bottom of the page)

The Precepts of Ptah-Hotep, c. 2200 BCE   Ancient History Sourcebook

The Wisdom of Ptah-Hotep  (Excerpts)

Egyptian Wisdom Literature   (Sacred Texts)

Poem of the Righteous Sufferer   


Lecture 21  March 13th.....tonight's class has been cancelled.....


Lecture 22    Student Presentations


Lecture 23  The Ancient World in the Modern World


Joseph Campbell    Mythos and Logos

Monomyth Website    UC Berkeley    (further to the hero myth)

Carl Jung    Wikipedia  


Lecture 24  Final exam




These are the links for an extra lecture which we don't always have time for...

Lecture     Art and Music of the ANE   

Art of the Ancient World     Boston Museum of Fine Arts

Ancient Art   The Detroit Institute of Arts

The Ancient World    The Walters Art Museum

Timeline of Art History    Metropolitan Museum of Art

Neanderthal Flute  

Neanderthal Jam   The Music of Sound

Evidence of Harmony in Ancient Music      Robert Fink

Music of the Ancient Near East
Art History Resources on the Web   


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